20th Annual Celebration of Excellence

Six New Shark Circle Inductees
Two Transformational Gift Announcements 
Successful Campaign Completion - Three Years Early


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Celebration of Excellence

The Celebration of Excellence (COE) is Nova Southeastern University's annual signature event hosted by the university president.  It provides the president with an opportunity to showcase the university, share NSU achievements with the community, and discuss the future vision of the university.

This event also provides the university with an opportunity to present the President’s Award for Excellence in Community Service, which recognizes superior professional engagement activities in the community. The award encourages the ongoing pursuit of community service and represents Nova Southeastern University's "community" core value.

Through this award, NSU proclaims its pride in the accomplishments and personal dedication of its constituents (alumni, community leaders, faculty, staff and students) in the community. The award is conferred upon individuals who demonstrate significant contributions to the community while exemplifying all eight of NSU's core values. NSU proudly bestowed the 2018 Excellence in Community Service Award upon Drs. Kiran C. and Pallavi Patel

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Previous Community Service Award Winners

  • 2017: Dr. Stanley and Pearl Goodman
  • 2016: The Miniaci Family - Rose, Dominick and Meike, Albert and Beatriz
  • 2015: Judy and Barry Silverman
  • 2014: Winifred and Joseph C. Amaturo
  • 2013: Guy Harvey
  • 2012: Ron and Kathy Assaf
  • 2011: Mike Jackson and David Horvitz & Francie Bishop Good
  • 2010: John C. Johnson and Don Taft
  • 2009: I. Lorraine Thomas
  • 2008: Claire and Dan Marino
  • 2007: Frank Till, Jr. Ed.D. and David H. Rush
  • 2006: Alvin Sherman, August Urbanek
  • 2005: Wayne and Marti Huizenga
  • 2004: August & Toni Paoli, Morton & Geraldine Terry
  • 2003: Jim and Jan Moran
  • 2000: Robert and Millicent Steele
  • 1999: William and Norma Horvitz
  • 1998: Leo Goodwin, Sr.
  • 1997: Abraham L. Mailman