Investing in Fellow Faculty Members

NSU Faculty Member and Former Dean Robert A. Uchin, D.D.S. Dedicates Gift to Fellow Faculty

Robert A. Uchin, D.D.S. may have retired as dean of NSU’s College of Dental Medicine in 2013, but he still believes in challenging students to be “intellectually curious as to what is next for dentistry,” through his commitment to faculty and leadership.

Uchin and his wife, Marlene, are ardent philanthropic supporters of the college. In 2017, they established the Dr. Robert and Marlene Uchin Faculty Development Fund to support dental faculty development. The fund serves to enhance educational leadership experience and expertise presented in the United States (mainland) and Canada.

“While the university supports continuing education to some degree for every faculty member, we decided to set up a support fund to allow faculty members, at the discretion of the dean, to attend educational programs, supporting some of the costs that are involved with that.”

Uchin believes that it is the faculty who is charged with motivating students to explore and create. “Each of us in our lives have had someone—a parent, a friend, a teacher—as a mentor in life that’s stimulated us to become who we are, and a university, as a mecca of learning, has a responsibility to provide those types of people to students.”

The Uchin Faculty Development Fund is also a way for the former dean to contribute to the future of Nova Southeastern University and Broward County. “My wife and I came here in 1960, and my career has been centered in Fort Lauderdale. We feel that our professional responsibility is to make our home a better place for the next person. For a long period of time, we have seen what the university is giving to the community. We like what we see, and we like what we’ve experienced.”

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