NSU University School Students Win Company of the Year for “Kar Kit”

NSU University School team wins Junior Achievement Company of the Year for KarKit

Cell phones are one of the most dangerous and tempting distractions to teen drivers—often leading to deadly accidents that could have been avoided. As part of an 18-week Junior Achievement (JA) Fellows Program, a group of students from the NSU University School developed a “kar kit” to help reduce the incidents of texting while driving. They presented this product at the JA Fellows annual competition and received the top award: South Florida Company of the Year.

The winning group included students Andrew Hurowitz, Alexis Bogomolni, Cole Becker, Alexander Shuster, Evan Gutkin, Matthew Steiner, Julian Camaraza, Sydney Glicksman, Harrison Groll, Sam Blum, Ethan Chase, Alexandra Donoway, Jordan Ellman, Rebeca Farache, Jenna Zwick, Daniel Benayoun, Noah Besner, Michael Cohen, Ethan Legum, and Maxwell Stettin.