Walgreens Fills Prescription for Scholarships

Walgreens provides pharmacy scholarships at NSU

Walgreens recently named three $100,000 endowed scholarship funds supplemented by a spendable gift so that students can immediately benefit.

Walgreens Richard Ashworth Endowed Community Scholarship Fund
Walgreens Roy Ripak and Georgia Lehoczky Endowed Community Scholarship Fund
Walgreens Nivia Santiago and Georgia Lehoczky Endowed Community Scholarship Fund

News of the decision was delivered by Richard Ashworth, Pharm.D., Walgreens President, Pharmacy and Retail Operations and proud alumnus from the doctoral class of 1999.

“Our goal at Walgreens is to help support worthy students who plan to pursue a career in community pharmacy practice by providing individual scholarships to one or more students who meet the criteria,” said Ashworth. “Walgreens is pleased to support your organization in the endeavor and values our relationship with the College of Pharmacy at Nova Southeastern University.”

In addition to providing scholarships, Walgreens provides volunteers. Walgreens pharmacists working at South Florida stores serve as preceptors for NSU students participating in practice experiences. Ashworth serves on the dean’s advisory board for COP. Georgia Lehoczky, South Florida regional healthcare director and Mario Hernandez, sales executive, have served on the admissions committee and supported career day and other COP special events. They have also spoken to student groups and provided support for continuing education efforts as well as invited NSU representatives to discuss the future of the profession with visiting leaders from Walgreens. Lehoczky has further ensured that pharmacy techs from the university were trained to screen community members living with diabetes, providing a valuable service for not only the community, but the students as well.