NSU's Donor Connection - May 2016: Summer Recharge

NSU's Jennifer O'Flannery Anderson May 2016As you reflect, rest, and recharge this summer, consider NSU's mantra for students:  When you play to your strengths, you only get stronger.  

The subject of our first spotlight this month is Richard Ashworth, Pharm.D. ('99), president of retail and pharmacy operations for Walgreens. Richard represents the combined strength of NSU alumni, donors, volunteer advisers, and corporate and community leaders to power an unprecedented campaign for our university's present and future endeavors. NSU President Dr. George Hanbury’s vision is possible thanks to Richard, NSU faculty and staff members, and community-minded people like you.

Four months into the public launch of Realizing Potential, NSU is proud to announce that both of our external funding pursuits have achieved more than 50% of goal. That’s $250 million through philanthropy, and $300 million through sponsored research, service, and training projects for a total of $550 million to advance NSU’s Vision 2020.

The subject of our second spotlight was recently named Overall Student of the Year by her peers — H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship M.B.A. student Bridget Guerrero. Bridget embodies hallmark strengths that propel bright talents to realize their full potential through NSU. These include entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, tenacity, curiosity, and compassion.

As we all continue to work hard for our students, faculty and research, and 21st century education initiatives, I submit that realizing our full potential this summer involves two fun challenges.

Fun challenge #1 is to remember that the brain rebuilds and renews during rest. As Huffington Post reports, “it’s not a machine. It is a living, wondrously inventive, rapidly renewing organ. To get your brain to work better, here’s rule number one: rest for success.”

Fun challenge #2 is to literally “play” to your strengths in delightful, new ways. Explore, discover, exercise, eat healthy, tackle home projects, find creative ways to spend time with loved ones, and enjoy time in the sun (with sunscreen on).

I look forward to hearing the great results of your summer recharge.



Jennifer O'Flannery Anderson, Ph.D.
Vice President for Advancement and Community Relations

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