Founding Members of NSU’s 1964 Society Demonstrate the Will to Believe in NSU

NSU Art Museum Fort LauderaleLast week, NSU President and CEO George L. Hanbury II, Ph.D. and Health Professions Chancellor Frederick Lippman, R.Ph., Ed.D. addressed more than 50 founding members of NSU’s 1964 Society, a group of donors who have included NSU in their estate plan, including wills or financial accounts. Legacy gifts help the university meet the challenges of tomorrow by leaving a legacy for future generations of students and scholars. Today, the 1964 Society connects individuals with the university and establishes a meaningful and lasting relationship with donors and their families.

You can support excellence and innovations in teaching, research, service, and learning through a legacy gift, and for a limited time, become a Founding Member of NSU’s 1964 Society. For more information, please contact Andrea Darlow, director of development for Legacy Gifts, at (954) 262-2135 or at


Sally Abele | Fellows Society
Roger I. Abrams
Gale J. Allen, D.B.A., ’02 | Fellows Society
Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson, Ph.D. | Fellows Society, F/S
Peter Anderson | Fellows Society
Christina A. Baily-Byers, ‘93
Linda Bartlett
Joel Berman | F/S
Bunny (F/S reitree) and Dick Blattner
Andrea K. Brown, ‘96
Bernadette Bruce, ’14 | F/S
Walter G. Campbell
Dan W. Carter, Jr., ’94 | Fellows Society
Craig T. Chindemi, ‘93
Mary S. Copeland Gonzalez, J.D., ’77 | Fellows Society
Jo Ann Cremata | Fellows Society
Andrea L. Darlow | Fellows Society, F/S
Frank DePiano, Ph.D., ’02 | Fellows Society
Howard J. Diwinsky | Fellows Society
Judy and W. Tinsley Ellis | Fellows Society, Trustee
Shirley B. and Abraham S. Fischler, Ed.D. | Fellows Society, F/S
Michael Flynn | F/S
Adam S. Goldberg, J.D., ’96 | F/S
Pearl Goldman, J.D., ‘86
Richard M. Goldman, Ed.D.
Pearl and Stanley Goodman, M.D. | Fellows Society
Conni Gordon | Fellows Society
Sarah* and N. Scott Gorman, Ed.D., ’94, ‘03
Karen Grosby, Ed.,D., ’10 | Fellows Society, F/S
Jeffrey Grove, D.O., ’90 | Fellows Society
Madelaine and Steve Halmos | Fellows Society, Trustee
Jackie Hammelman, ’10 | Fellows Society
Jana and George L. Hanbury, Ph.D. | Fellows Society, Trustee, F/S
Brandon L. Hensler, ’13 | F/S
Gerry S. Horne
Alice and Mike Jackson | Fellows Society, Trustee
Barbara and Royal Flagg Jonas | Fellows Society, Trustee
J. Preston Jones, D.B.A., ’89, ‘95 | F/S
Joan Kaminsky, ‘82
Norman D. Kaplan
Michael C. Karp
Barbara R. Karpel, ‘98
Timothy Kimuli, ‘12
Marc Kudelko, D.O., ’97 | Fellows Society
Paul Kudelko, D.O., ’93 | Fellows Society
Allan M. Lerner
Susie and Alan Levan | Fellows Society, Trustee
Bonnie and Fred Lippman, Ed.D., ’03 | Fellows Society
Florence Mandel
Jamie and Joel Mayersohn | Fellows Society
Bruce McAllister | Fellows Society
Susan A. Miller, Ed.D., ‘84
Elena R. Minicucci, J.D., ’96 | F/S
Ross E. Moreton
Marie and Morton J.* Morris, D.O. | Fellows Society
Nancy and Terry Mularkey | F/S
Loretta B. Neff, ’85, ’88 | Fellows Society
Emerson Oberlin | Fellows Society
June C. Rabin
Lillian Redlich*
G. Jeremiah Ryan, Ed.D., ‘83
Arthur Salomon | Fellows Society
Michele Schneider | Fellows Society
Lorraine Schramm | Fellows Society
Allan H. Schulman, Ph.D. | Fellows Society
Alvin Sherman | Fellows Society
Charles E. Shirley, ‘88
Jules Silver Charitable Trust | Fellows Society
Anne B. and Matthew J. Smith
Kathleen ’97 and Don Sokolik, M.D. | F/S
William S. Spears, D.B.A., ’04 | Fellows Society
Judith S. Stein, Ph.D. and Jeffrey N. Stein* | Fellows Society, F/S
Linda Ferroli Stein, J.D., ‘84 | Fellows Society
Carol and Mark Steingard | Fellows Society
Sharon (F/S) and Larry Sullivan
Sandy and J. Kenneth Tate and Family | Fellows Society, Trustee
Kathleen A. Touby
Bonnie Tryon, Ed.D., ’12 | Fellows Society
Marlene and Robert Uchin, D.D.S. | F/S
Bart Whitehead, D.M.D. | Fellows Society, F/S
Joan P. Wilcox, J.D., ‘01
Lainie and Michael Zager | Fellows Society, Trustee
Lee Zeidman, ’92 *
Sanford L. Ziff, O.D. and Family | Fellows Society

F/S Faculty/Staff Member * Deceased

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