Hanbury Bestows President's Award for Excellence in Community Services to Miniaci Family

Rose, Dominick and Meike, and Albert and Beatriz MiniaciThe Miniaci family story began in the 1940s when two Italian immigrants met and fell in love in the Bronx, New York. Rose and Alfred were married and had two sons, Dominick and Albert. Together, they started with little, but never shied from helping others in their community. From simply offering a meal to a hungry neighbor, their generosity grew as hard work and dedication led to success. After selling one of their businesses in 1969, the couple started the Alfred and Rose Miniaci Foundation to provide assistance to individuals, medical facilities, and philanthropic institutions. In addition, the Miniacis established a Boys Town in Rose and Alfred’s native Italy.

Upon Alfred’s passing, Rose was determined to continue their shared dream of helping others, particularly through her passion for supporting the arts, education, and children. The foundation she began with her husband now contributes to nonprofit cultural groups, hospitals, religious organizations, scientific research, and educational institutions. The foundation also awards scholarships to assist deserving students in reaching their potential. Gifts to NSU have contributed to the funding of the Rose and Alfred Miniaci Performing Arts Center as well as the Alvin Sherman Library, Research, and Information Technology Center.

Through their own contributions to the community, Dominick, a lawyer, and Albert, a businessman, along with their wives Meike and Beatriz, have continued the legacy started by their mother and father years ago. In addition to supporting their mother’s endeavors, the family has provided leadership and resources to numerous organizations, including the Ann Storck Center, St. Thomas University, Boys & Girls Club of Broward County, the Museum of Discovery and Science, and Miami City Ballet. Albert also serves on the board of trustees for NSU and together with Beatriz, helps to fund the Razor’s Edge scholarships to attract some of the best and brightest undergraduate students to the university.

“The entire family deserves to be recognized,” says NSU President and CEO George L. Hanbury II, Ph.D. “They have been instrumental leaders in the community, not just giving back with their time, their talent, and their treasures, but in helping to redevelop Fort Lauderdale's downtown and beach areas and in encouraging individuals to graduate from the public school system and seek education beyond high school. Any city would love to have individuals with that type of conviction, influence, and leadership.

“Because of the lessons that were taught by their parents - and continue to be taught by the family matriarch - the Miniacis continue to give back and be examples for all of us. I bet you Alfred is looking down from above with a huge smile saying, ‘they’re my family’.”