Donor Ingenuity

NSU Donor Connection - May 2017What is the connection between a stable of horses, an organic garden, and a jet engine? Donor ingenuity and NSU.

The Massachusetts-based Quell Foundation CEO traveled to Florida to meet an NSU professor and her doctoral interns. After learning the benefits of NSU’s equine-assisted therapy, his foundation pledged $50,000 to fund scholarships. Why? To help fill the mental health field with graduates trained in innovative therapy techniques. Ms. Mary Short is keeping her friend’s memory alive through the laughter and curiosity of children. The Mary Jane Harlow Charitable Trust Playground and Organic Garden will bloom at NSU’s Mailman Segal Center for Human Development. FNZ Funding Associates is fueling interest for students in three NSU initiatives. Demonstrations using the jet engine they donated benefit students in NSU’s Administration/Aviation classes, Aviation Summer Camp for high school students, and STEM programs.

Our Realizing Potential section spotlights these great gifts and more. Reading the myriad ways people are pursuing positive change through NSU is inspiring.

We also feature Divya Puri who recently spoke at NSU’s 1964 Society Luncheon. Her leadership and research experiences at NSU helped her land a pediatric dentistry residency in Connecticut. Kevin Dibert shares how childhood vacations helped shape his career and avid volunteerism. This NSU University School math teacher honors his parents through his work, service, and legacy giving.

Finally, learn about the campaign to support NSU’s student-veterans. Donors receive a very cool red, white, and blue Shark pin. The stars on this pin remind me how grateful we are for all the bright lights you represent in the pursuit of our mission and the lives of our students.

Jennifer O'Flannery Anderson, Ph.D.

Vice President for Advancement and Community Relations

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