Uncovering Opportunities at NSU

Melissa Dore

If you ever find yourself in an office decorated with pictures of galaxies, ocean life, and a signed Jane Goodall print, you might just be in the office of Melissa L. Dore, Ed.D., at the Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography. Self-described as the “quintessential science nerd,” Dore believes she is a rarity among her peers.

“I’m a scientist who writes. I feel that, even now, one of my biggest strengths is the ability to translate ‘science-ese’ into ‘human-ese.’ That’s why I do a lot of outreach speaking and student education—from preschool to senior citizens.”

Dore came to NSU in 1992, to pursue a master’s degree in Marine Biology and Coastal Zone Management. She worked as a graduate research assistant in various laboratories until she was hired as an administrative assistant by Richard E. Dodge, Ph.D. in 1997. While she still works with Dodge, she now serves as the director of academic support and administration for the Halmos College.

In more than 25 years at NSU, Dore has racked up an impressive amount of experiences. Among her favorites are the time she met Bob Ballard (the man who found the Titanic), and when an alumnus took her on a private tour of the USS Iwo Jima. She’s also had unforgettable moments as a member of NSU’s community chorus, the Nova Singers. Her latest moment was performing in Carnegie Hall.

“There have been so many opportunities. I keep thinking that if I had stayed in New England, I would never have had the opportunities to do the things that I’ve done at NSU,” said Dore.

As a faculty and staff giving champion, Dore believes in giving back—both in money and time. One of her favorite ways to give is through education, especially when it concerns the environment and marine sciences. A mummified shark head serves as one of her most popular educational tools, Dore said.

“I think most of the time when you learn, especially when you’re young, is by having someone bring something in that makes you go, ‘gee, gosh, wow!’”

This past year, Dore was involved with the promotion of medallions for students and faculty of the college. The medallion was offered to donors who made a gift of $20.18 or more, and could be worn during graduation. These gifts supported college scholarships, such as the HCNSO-DoBS Student Fund, and the Dean’s Excellence Fund.

Annual Fund gifts have immediate impact and can help meet the greatest need, or support the area(s) of the university that interest you most.

For an annual gift of $1,000 (or $83.34 per month), committed for 5 years, donors have an opportunity to name a Changing Lives Scholarship. This 100% per year distribution to a deserving student helps close the gap between tuition and living expenses. Plus, in naming the scholarship, you can honor a family member or personal hero. Call (954) 262-2127 or email annualfund@nova.edu.

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