Empowering Change through Legal Education

NSU's Shepard Broad College of Law Dean Jon Garon, J.D.

When talking to Jon Garon, J.D., dean of NSU’s Shepard Broad College of Law, a listener will quickly learn how changes in technology, trade, and demographic trends are impacting access to legal services and economic opportunities. “Technology has the power to unleash people’s potential, but it also has the danger of making old problems more severe,” explains Garon. To address these changes, legal education is changing as well.

At NSU, Garon highlights the work students are doing to help underserved communities have access both to legal services for their personal needs and for their entrepreneurial dreams. Among other things, they are building economic opportunities through entrepreneur clinics and outreach. “Our students find new ways to make a difference and have a high impact with the people they serve.”

Garon and his wife, Stacy, established the Alec “Sasha” Garon Changing Lives Law Scholarship. “We created [the scholarship] because it’s part of our commitment to make law school more accessible for students. We try and take the financial cost out of the equation for them.” The couple are long-time philanthropists who have donated their time and money to numerous non-profits and charities.

“Philanthropy is an essential part of society,” Garon said. He believes that no person is truly self-made and that success stems from opportunity. “Every one of us is successful because of the people and institutions who gave us opportunities. Philanthropy creates opportunity.” He stresses the importance of scholarships and donations in creating opportunities for students.

“NSU is a great place for philanthropy because we’re really efficient with it. Here, the gifts really matter and you can see an immediate impact. And because we have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, we’re creative in the way that funds are used. We make sure that new visions are explored and realized.”

For more information about creating a legacy gift, please contact Andrea Darlow, senior director of development for legacy gifts at (954) 262-2135 or at adarlow@nova.edu.