Humberto Franquiz Applies Foresight to Philanthropy

NSU's Humberto Franquiz with the dean and students of NSU's College of Optometry, the designee for his Changing Lives Scholarship

When the Realizing Potential campaign launched four months after Humberto Franquiz joined NSU, he found it easy to give through the Changing Lives Scholarship program.

“To me, it’s a privilege working here,” said Franquiz, director of finance for NSU’s Office of Facilities Management. “Giving back means helping the university that gave you an opportunity and helping a student earn their degree.”

Franquiz—shown above in center, with David Loshin, dean, and students of the College of Optometry— designated his Changing Lives Scholarship to that college because his daughter works in and loves the field. But if he didn’t give to optometry, Franquiz said, he would easily find another NSU area of interest to support. The amount is not the point, he added, but “you can give up a lot of things if you think about it. In my case, I like to bring my lunch.”

Sacrificing in order to give is not new to Franquiz. He joined the U.S. Marine Corps at 17 years old.

From the beginning of his service, he donated to the United Services Organizations. “My paycheck was $400 a month,” Franquiz said. “But we still gave.”

Numerous career paths are represented in his office, which is responsible for all NSU construction, maintenance, and safety. In addition to experience, student interns get a behind-the-scenes look “at what we do to support them,” Franquiz said. “And a number of safety officers are students.”


A donor can name a Changing Lives Scholarship with a gift of $1,000 each year for five years. Please contact to find out more.