A Champion for Student Scholarships

Candice Leaty

Candice Leaty spent her junior and senior years of high school writing one scholarship essay after another. Her mother worked three jobs to maintain their family. While Leaty qualified for financial aid, it was not enough to cover the full cost of the school she dreamed of attending – Nova Southeastern University.

Rather than settling for another university or taking on a loan, she applied for every scholarship for which she was eligible. “I got every random scholarship and it added up. It somehow made it so that I was able to afford [NSU],” said Leaty.

Her interest in family law led her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies. Unfortunately, three years into her program, a death in the family caused her to put a hold on her education.

Years later, Leaty came back to NSU. However, this time as an Accounting Specialist in Facilities Management. The benefits provided to her by the university allowed her to go back and finish her studies. Today, she is both a proud NSU graduate and employee who works hard to champion for student scholarships.

“I know, personally, that scholarships helped me and that any scholarship helps out,” said Leaty. “That’s why this means so much to me.”

Leaty has been involved in a number of different events aimed at encouraging employee giving. Among the most impactful of these events, she added, are those where scholarship recipients are invited to attend and share their stories. That’s when she and her coworkers get to learn, first-hand, how their giving helps bring students’ dreams to fruition.

Additionally, Leaty has made a legacy gift to the university and is a member of NSU’s 1964 Society.

“People told me not to go to NSU because I couldn’t afford it. But I got the scholarships and I did it.” Although she accomplished her initial educational goals, Leaty isn’t ready to leave NSU anytime soon. Her plan is to pursue a graduate degree while continuing to work in the department that has become “my family,” she said.

Annual Fund gifts have immediate impact and can help meet the greatest need, or support the area(s) of the university that interest you most.

For an annual gift of $1,000 (or $83.34 per month), committed for 5 years, donors have an opportunity to name a Changing Lives Scholarship. This 100% per year distribution to a deserving student helps close the gap between tuition and living expenses. Plus, in naming the scholarship, you can honor a family member or personal hero. Call (954) 262-2127 or email annualfund@nova.edu.

For information about creating a legacy gift, please contact Andrea Darlow, senior director of development for legacy gifts at (954) 262-2135 or at adarlow@nova.edu.