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July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019 -

Daniel J. Alfonso | 
Carlos Manuel Perez Cordova | 
Marc Crocquet | 
Andrea L. Darlow | 
Dr. Frank DePiano | 
Howard J. Diwinsky | 
Dr. James E. Doan | 
Chancellor Ray and Mrs. Raquel Ferrero, Jr. | 
Jon M. Garon and Stacy Blumberg Garon | 
Regina Greenwood and David Hoyte | 
Dr. Karen Grosby | 
President George and Mrs. Jana Hanbury | 
Steven Harvey | 
Dr. Jodi Kodish-Stav | 
Dr. Fred and Bonnie Lippman | 
William H. Marquardt | 
Brett and Susie Marshall, Ph.D. and Family | 
Joel and Jamie Mayersohn | 
Dr. Linda C. Niessen and Dr. John Lonergan | 
Dr. Jennifer O'Flannery Anderson and Mr. Peter Anderson | 
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Dorothy Panza | 
Rhonda Ritchie | 
Dr. Ralph Rogers & Mrs. Margaret Rogers | 
Sherry and Don Rosenblum, Ph.D. | 
Kathleen and Don Sokolik, M.D. | 
Liza C. Sumulong | 
Dr. Thomas M. and Dr. Leslie A. Tworoger | 
Dr. Robert and Marlene Uchin | 
Triangle Community Foundation, Dr.Johannes and Mrs. LaDonna Vieweg | 
Drs. Elaine Wallace-Ross and Jill Wallace-Ross | 
Dr. Bart Whitehead | 
Drs. Teri and Brad Williams |