President's Associates - NSU Faculty and Staff Members

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Mr. Daniel Alfonso | 
Ms. Heidi Alzate | 
Ms. Lauren Analetto | 
Drs. DaJuane and Tamara N. Anderson | 
Dr. Lilian Arce de Malave | 
Mr. and Mrs. Gavin Avellanet | 
Dr. Ricardo M. Belmar | 
Dr. Mary J. Blackinton | 
Dr. Jorge Blanco | 
Ms. Diana Blaney | 
Dr. Stephanie Brown | 
Ms. Shannon Brown | 
Ms. Bernadette Bruce | 
Mr. Johnny Clark Burris and Mrs. Nancy Nevius | 
Dr. Aarika Camp | 
Dr. Melissa and Mr. Gordon Carlton | 
Mr. Nicholas A. Castaldo | 
Mr. Christopher M. Chakwin | 
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Chenail | 
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Cohen | 
Dr. Robin Cooper | 
Dr. Stacey Coulter | 
Mr. Marc M. Crocquet | 
Miss Kimberly A. Cronin | 
Mr. and Mrs. Caitlin D. Dargue | 
Mrs. Andrea Lynn Darlow | 
Dr. Anthony J. DeNapoli | 
The Honorable and Mrs. Robert F. Diaz | 
Mr. Kevin Dibert | 
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Dodge | 
Dr. Kimberly D. Durham | 
Dr. Lori Eickleberry and Mr. John Kim | 
Professor and Mrs. Harvey A Feldman | 
Chancellor and Mrs. Ray Ferrero | 
Ms. Kyle Fisher | 
Dr. Michael D. Flax | 
Mrs. Rachel Frank | 
Mr. Humberto Franquiz | 
Ms. Marian Freeland | 
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Garon | 
Mr. Jessie Giley | 
Dr. Charles J. Golden | 
Dr. Karen S. Grosby | 
Ms. Cynthia Gross | 
Drs. Jason and Farzanna Haffizulla | 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Halmos | 
President George and Mrs. Jana Hanbury | 
Dr. Kathleen Harmon | 
Mr. Barry and Mrs. Toni P. Harris | 
Ms. Linda Harrison | 
Mr. Steven A. Harvey | 
Mr. Brandon and Mr. Michael Hensler | 
Dr. Kelly Jean Henson-Evertz | 
Mr. Efraim Hernandez and Mrs. Elizabeth Toribio | 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hoffman | 
Dr. James T. Howell | 
Mr. James Hutchens | 
Mr. Glen Jack and Mr. Michael Zefran | 
Dr. Julie Jacko | 
Mr. Neil H. Katz | 
Mr. Toshihisa Kawai | 
Mr. and Mrs. Marc M. Kesselman | 
Mr. and Mrs. Shahabudeen Khan | 
Ms. Christine Kircher | 
Mr. Mark Steiner and Mrs. Diane Klein | 
Mr. Stav and Dr. Kodish-Stav | 
Dr. and Mrs. William Kopas | 
Mr. John Lapham | 
Dr. Roni Beth Leiderman | 
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Linnick | 
Ms. Diane Lippe | 
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Lippman | 
Drs. David and Mary Loshin | 
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Margules | 
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Markarian | 
Mr. William H Marquardt | 
Mr. and Dr. Bret Marshall | 
Mr. David P. Nelson and Ms. Elena Marty-Nelson | 
Dr. Judith McKay | 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Midei | 
Mr. Adam Goldberg and Ms. Elena Minicucci | 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mominey | 
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Moon | 
Dr. Mariana Morris | 
Dr. Terry Ann Morrow | 
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Mularkey | 
Dr. Deborah A. Mulligan | 
Mr. Edwin A. Murdock | 
Dr. Guy M. Nehrenz | 
Dr. John Lonergan and Dr. Linda Niessen | 
Dr. Enrique A. Nieves Vasquez | 
Dr. Jennifer O'Flannery Anderson and Mr. Peter Anderson | 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Oller | 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Panza | 
Dr. Nicole A. Patterson | 
Dr. and Mrs. Pedro F. Pellet | 
Dr. Carlos Perez | 
Mrs. Ileana K. Petrone | 
Dr. Vijaykumar Rajput | 
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Ramos | 
Ms. Rhonda Ritchie | 
Mr. and Mrs. Rivas-Vasquez | 
Ms. Shauntae Roberts | 
Dr. Jose Guitierrez Rocca | 
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Rogers | 
Drs. Irving Rosenbaum and Ann Rambo | 
Dr. and Mrs. Don Rosenblum | 
Drs. David and Linda Rouse | 
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Rudawsky | 
Dr. Marcella M. Rutherford | 
Ms. Barbara C. Sageman | 
Dr. Francois Sainfort | 
Ms. Diana Santa Maria | 
Mrs. Marlisa Santos | 
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Schreier | 
Mr. Randall Seneff | 
Dr. Josephine A. Shallo-Hoffmann | 
Mr. William Van Fossen II and Dr. Rita Shea-Van Fossen | 
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Shields | 
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Silva | 
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Nathalie Sloane | 
Dr. and Mrs. Don Sokolik | 
Dr. Joseph Sowka and Dr. Lori Vollmer | 
Mr. and Dr. Jeffery N. Stein | 
Mrs. Michele N. Struffolino | 
Ms. Liza Cruz Sumulong | 
Ms. Robin L. Supler | 
Dr. Elizabeth Swann and Mr. Brian Anderson | 
Dr. and Mrs. Steven R. Terrell | 
Drs. Thomas and Leslie Tworoger | 
Dr. and Mrs. Johannes Vieweg | 
Mr. Robert Steven Wagner | 
Drs. Jill Wallace-Ross and Elaine Wallace | 
Mr. Thomas L. West | 
Drs. Brad and Teri Sue Williams | 
Dr. Albert Williams | 
Dr. Stanley Wilson | 
Dr. and Mrs. Honggang Yang | 
Dr. Aimee Zadak |