Team Matching

Daniel Alfonso

In just two years at NSU, Daniel J. Alfonso, M.S., vice president of facilities management, has created a name for himself that has nothing to do with his title. He is a contributor and a volunteer and is known for sharing his time, talent, and treasure.

As a staff member, it was important to Alfonso to bring his expertise to a growing organization, especially one that developed knowledge and future leaders through education. With an undergraduate degree in business and a graduate degree in finance, he now focuses on becoming a better leader and administrator as he leads the Facilities Management and Public Safety team at NSU.

Alfonso recently offered his team a giving challenge. “I want to let our team know that there is great joy in giving, and I also wanted them to know that, in difficult times, I was going to be there with them. I challenged my team to give [to NSU], and I would match their payroll deduction contributions to encourage them. My goal was to show that, even with a small contribution from each of them, together, the contribution is much greater. They nearly broke me!”

Not only does Alfonso support his team, he supports the students at NSU as well through a Changing Lives Scholarship. He states, “The Changing Lives Scholarship is an opportunity to help change the life of a young person starting out in life. I owe much to people who shepherded me along, who gave me guidance, and even financial help, as I was starting out. This is one of the ways I choose to pay it forward. Additionally, I honored my grandfather, Juan Lopez, who taught me many valuable lessons in life, by naming the scholarship for him.”

When discussing the importance of giving back, Alfonso said, “I am blessed. I have a great family and quality of life. I was taught at a young age that giving is better than receiving. I have received many blessings, and I want to share them with others in need.”

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